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The Otway Coast Committee (OCC) is appointed by the Victorian State Government to manage some 28.5 km of coastal Crown land between Marengo and Wye River, Separation Creek on the Victorian central south western coast.


The OCC's eastern management boundary is approximately 300m east of Separation Creek near Wye River and its western boundary is at Shelly Beach about 4.5km west of Marengo.

The management area is broken into three main portions puctuated by coastline managed by Parks Victoria as part of the Great Otway National Park.

Generally the OCC manages the coastline adjacent the coastal townships of Separation Creek, Wye River, Kennett River, Skenes Creek, Apollo Bay, Marengo and the localities of Wongarra, Browns Creek & Petticoat Creek.

The OCC responds to Victorian State Government legislation, policy and regulations. The OCC works closely with the Department of Sustainability and the Environment.