Otway Coast Committee

Committed to Sustainable Management

Vision Statement and Role

“Otway Coast Committee will conserve and enhance coastal biodiversity and resilience while encouraging community access”


The Otway Coast Committee: 

  • Is a ‘Skills Based’ Committee of Management (CoM) appointed by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change under the Crown Land (reserves) Act 1978;
  • Has operational responsibilities under the Coastal Management Act 1995;
  • Usually has 7-9 members, with 1 Colac Otway Shire senior officer representative; currently the General Manager Sustainable Planning and Development;
  • Is appointed in a voluntary capacity for three years;
  • Manages some 30+ kms of coastal reserves between 3-5km west of Marengo and Wye River / Separation Creek;
  • Manages the Apollo Bay Recreation Reserve and Wye River Foreshore Camping Ground;
  • Holds the leases for the Marengo, Skenes Creek, and Kennett River Camping Grounds and also the Apollo Bay Golf Club and Great Ocean Road Visitor Information Centre;
  • Is responsible for the vast majority of open public space, recreational space, public toilets and more than half of the litter bins, in Separation Creek, Wye River, Kennett River, Skenes Creek, Apollo Bay, and Marengo;
  • Responds to the following strategic and planning documents:


- Victorian Coastal Strategy        Barham River
- Siting and Design Guidelines for the Victorian Coast
- Central West Victoria Regional Coastal Action Plan
- Central West Victoria Estuaries Coastal Action Plan
- Skenes Creek to Marengo Coastal Action Plan
- Caucus Reference Group Report on Caravan and Camping Parks on Coastal Crown land
- Western Victoria Boating Coastal Action Plan