Otway Coast Committee

Committed to Sustainable Management

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Caring for the Coast


Environmental Management


Dogs on Beaches


Climate Change


Community Groups

OC Foreshore 30aThe Committee participates in:

  • The Central West Coastal Action Plan Implementation Committee
  • The Central West Estuaries Coastal Action Plan Implementation Committee
  • The Skenes Creek to Marengo Coastal Action Plan Implementation Committee
  • The Apollo Bay Harbour Development Reference Group (10 years)
  • WCB Boating CAP reference group
  • Coastal Camping Victoria Inc. as a founding member
  • West Coast Managers Forum’s organising committee as a founding member
  • Corangamite CMA's ‘Estuary Entrance Management Support System’ (EEMSS); a decision making tool for dealing with mechanical opening of the Barham River mouth entrance
  • Otway Barham Reference Group
  • Colac Otway Car Park strategy Steering Group
  • Otway Community Conservation Network



Victorian Coastal Council (VCC)

Visit the Victorian Coastal Council's Website

Western Coastal Board (WCB)

Visit the Western Coastal Board's Website

Victorian Coastal Strategy (VCS) 2008

The Victorian Coastal Strategy 2008 was officially co-launched by Minister for the Environment and Climate Change ,Gavin Jennings and Minister for Planning, Justin Madden on 10 December 2008.

Prepared by the Victorian Coastal Council, the new strategy provides a five-year plan for managing Victoria's coastline in the face of major ongoing change. It builds on the principles and actions of the previous two strategies and responds to three significant issues that require specific attention: climate change, population and growth, and marine ecological integrity.

The new strategy is fundamental to how coastal land management agencies manage the coast.

The Strategy includes policies and actions for biodiversity , access and education, caravan parks, ports, and infrastructure - all key issues areas for the coastal lands that Barwon Coast has responsibility for.

Visit the Victorian Coastal Council's Website to find out more about the Victorian Coastal Strategy 2008.